The Westfork Sports Club is a membership club run by volunteers. All members have ownership in the club. We ask you to support the club with your fees, financial donations, work days and to keep the club in mind for employer matching contributions and estate planning.   The board is not available to answer questions that members can find on their own. We hope you understand and as a member that you will help us by taking good care of the club, not driving in low, wet areas of the grass, picking up your trash and depositing it in the dumpster, turning off lights when not needed in the bathrooms, paying your fees and helping out when you see things needing to be tended to.  Occasionally we have work days where we hope members will come and help us with large projects.  These will be posted on the web page.
We hope you have a great stay at the Westfork Sports Club.   ~ WFSC Board Members


1.  Is the Campground Open?
  • You Are looking in the right place, the WFSC Web Page   We typically open sometime in April and close the end of October.  Though these are not set dates and are weather dependent so watch the webpage.
2. Do I need to be a member?   
  • Yes you do.  Fees are very reasonable  and renew each Year on January 1 and run to Dec 31. Membership fees are $30 per year in person or  $32.00 per year by PayPal.  Each person over 18 years old (of age) require a membership.  Families with children will need one membership, we encourage you each to purchase one to keep the club sustainable.  All individuals must be members per our insurance.
  • Your membership fees pay for, maintaining club grounds, wifi, septic and garbage removal, lawn care, stream conservation & restoration work here and in the watershed, educational programs, and offering community events.
  • We try to keep our fees very reasonable.  A weekend of 2 adults w/ or without kids would cost $60 membership and at most $50 electric for 2 nights or $110 for the first weekend (as opposed to a hotel which isn’t half as nice and would cost +$100 per night or double the cost).  Every stay after that only cost he camping fees.  The next 2 nights of electric would only cost $50 for 2 nights.   Another way to look at it would be a 4 night stay would total $200 IN TOTAL.  And every stay after that only the camping fees are paid reducing overall investment even further.
3. How do I pay for my Camping  – 
  1. There is a green tall IRON “Ranger” by the water hose at the South end of the Clubhouse.  The top has registration forms and envelopes. Fill out a the top so we can read it and deposit your fees in the envelope and drop the whole thing into the IRON Ranger slot.  Put the tear off on your camping site.
  2. Or you can pay by PayPal at,  of $32.00
  3. CABIN, CLUBHOUSE, PAVILION AND NATIVE LODGE RESERVATIONS are completed on line only:  here.  Payment is required during reservation.  Once paid for the reservation is yours and no one else can reserve that cabin. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation. If you can’t make it at the last minute please let us know so we may open that resource up.
  4. Refund Policy: Cancellations within 2 weeks from the date of Reservation will receive an 80% refund.  Cancellations within 7 days of the reservation will receive a 40% refund.  Cancellations under 5 days of reservation will not receive a refund. Please email us at if you can not make it so we may offer it to others. We keep our costs low so everyone can enjoy, cancellations impact our ability to remain sustainable.
4. Other General Rules
    1. All adults should be members, Families may have one membership and one extra tent on site. Donations are encouraged
    2. Dogs are allowed, please keep them under control and pick up after them.
    3. Fireworks are not allowed in the campground.
    4. Firewood is available at the campground for $10 a flat wheelbarrow (please return it to the woodshed if unused)
    5. If you get stuck in the mud or drive where you shouldn’t to leave ruts or cross drainage ditches damaging them you will be asked to pay for the repairs needed to the grounds.
    6. If you get stuck and need to be pulled out we have to find a farmer willing because AAA won’t do it. This will cost at a minimum $100.
    7. Quiet time is 11 pm
    8. The WFSC practices Catch and Release and ask you to do the same.  It is ok to occasionally have a fresh trout for dinner. 
    9. Donations are encouraged to keep the club both affordable and in good order.


5. What if it rains a lot, what should I do. (Occasionally large rains close the campground because of large amounts of rain North of us all                   coming down in a short period of time. This makes the river rise.  Be Safe, Be Watchful if there is a lot of rain.)


  • Keep yourself safe.  The Westby or LaFarge Fire Departments might come down to warn people to move out of the campground.
  • Use Common Sense – camp where it is high and dry.
  • There is a light green “flood tube” in the ground beneath the main light in the campground by the big day shelter. You can look in the tube if it is holding water,  this shows us where the water table is and is a good indicator for you to decide if you should stay in a rain event.
  • Leave early and come back if you have to.
  • Don’t drive through deep water for your safety and to protect the grounds.
6.  How do I know how much rain the Campground or nearby got. How do I know how high the water is or the flow rate for the Main Kickapoo River.   
  • Flow Charts for the Kickapoo River (click on the blue dot for location specific information.)
7. How do I know what the Fishing Situation is?
8.   Where is the local fly shop to get gear and advice?
9. Do I need a Fishing License?
  • Yes, and a Trout Stamp.
10. May I fish on the other side of the stream from the campground?
  • No , You may not unless you follow access laws and keep your feet wet. Or go around large obstructions, deep water, trees, etc.  Video tape any interactions you may have with any landowners.
  • The No Trespassing Signs should be followed.
11. How do I know where the Stream Access Points are to go fishing?
12. Is the WFSC still doing Stream Restoration Efforts
  • Yes we are.  In 2019 we implemented a 1/4 mile restoration project to  repair the flood damaged banks of the Westfork. In 2021 we are creating another stream plan for the upper 1/4 by the bridge down to the clubhouse (1/8 th mile of stream) and for the far southern end to have some large Rocks re placed on some visible Fish LUNKERS.
  • Project Green Teen built 10 Fishing Stiles going in on DNR Access Points with TU DARE and Paul Krahn.
13. What other things are there in the area to do? Events Calendar for the Driftless Area
14. The WFSC is a 501c3 and many employers will match donations.  Please email westforksportsclub @ to get our EIN.
  • Other donation opportunities are Thrivent Financial clients have $500 EACH year to go to a 501c3. Please contact Jeff Worrell at Thrivent to begin the process. jeffreyjohnworrell
  • Family Birthdays, challenges, events, donations, and your generosity keeps the costs of the club low and the facilities in order to sustain the club over time so we can all return to enjoy this special place.
   15. We are always looking for members to volunteer their skill sets to improve the club. Please contact us at the email above to lend a hand.