Announcements & Information

Welcome to the WFSC.   New members are always welcome.  

The WFSC Annual Board meeting was held June 5th at 7 pm.  Thank you to Val Hein and Rodney Cain for their past service to the board. Please welcome Larry Riedl and Jason Fruend to the Board.
See below for July’s Music in the park series.  Note Restoration Cider, Alt Brew and Driftless Provisions are providing refreshments by donation to support the club. Please share, come and camp and enjoy music under the stars!
Membership $33 by PayPal to or $30 in person at the green pay station.
Camping is first come first serve – There is always room. ALL SITES ARE GROUP SITES, CAMP WHERE YOU LIKE.  There are no individual reservations,  Group functions can reserve if they have  more than 12 people and notice by April 1st each year.

Electrical spots are $25 per night. Non elect $15 per night.
Wood is  $15 full a wheelbarrow.

People wanting more picnic tables please consider donating. We can get them for $260 apiece and lost about 12 in the flood. Donations can be made to PayPal above.

Native lodges and Cabin are available for rent  online only.
CLUBHOUSE – please consider having your function here and helping out the club by renting this awesome space for your gatherings !
We practice the policies the CDC recommends.  The entire campground is considered  “group sites” and anyone can camp anywhere, we encourage you to have a good distance between where you place your sites and to not camp next to the river in case the river rises.  We also encourage you to use a mask if unvaxed and indoors, practice frequent hand washing and to be respectful of others distance wise for conversations.  ~thank you in advance for keeping others safe.

Please help the club by:


  1. Taking 20 mins each visit and make a rock pile of rocks embedded in the lawn from the stream towards the clubhouse. Leave them in the tall grass between the rock field and the mown lawn or in a large pile so others can toss them on as well and we can scoop them up.
  2. pick up sticks around the campground and put them in fire pits (helps the mowers immensely)
  3. Continue to pull debris off base of trees to save the trees.
  4. DON’T get stuck in a sand trap or wet ground, it will cost you $100 or more to get pulled out by a farmer and repair the grounds.
  5. As an environmental club members should know that the recyclables you toss in the dumpster to to the landfill, not recycling.  Please take them home with you or deliver them 2.6 miles to the recycling center M-F 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.  It is free and likely on your way home. Map Here: Vernon Co. Recycling center (map here) is 2.6 miles from the Campground.
  6. You can also take cans into town and donate them to local causes. There are collection bins for cans by the Mobile on Main.
  7. Trash at the Campground is for campers/ cabin members only.  No matter what you’ve been told in the past. Please respect this as it saves the club precious funds and helps us keep the costs low.   Consider cans vs bottles for camping (YES, good beer is available in cans also!)


Groups typically with us during the year.

  1. April – Brook Trout Release with WI DNR, Living Waters Bible Camp and WFSC
  2. April – Viroqua High School Science STEM Water Monitoring
  3. April- Fox Valley TU Adventure Weekend
  4. April – Valley Stewardship Water Monitoring Training
  5. May 2022 – Classic Anglers Heddon Fest & Gear Swap (all generations)
  6. Spring – Boy Scouts of America Chapter
  7. May – Project Green Teen Kids from Shabazz High School in Madison WI
  8. May – Americorps
  9. May – Disabled Vets Group
  10. May – local 4H youngsters practicing for the fair presentations of their animals.
  12. June – Gary Borger TU Chapter Function
  13. June – Veterans on the Fly
  14. June – Wisconsin Women’s Fly Fishing Clinics – Southern WI Trout Unlimited
  15. July – 3 FREE Music in the Park Concert Series, July 17, 24, 31 , bring lawn chairs, refreshments available.
  16. Aug – Girl Scouts
  17. Sept – Bamboo Rod Makers – Scott Grady
  18. Sept – Avalanche Clave – Wisconsin Fly Fishing Message Board – all welcome, on & off FaceBook
  19. October –  5 Rivers Trout Unlimited


Progress Update

2020 We had a setback opening with Covid. We opened in Mid June due to Covid Safer at Home restrictions.  We restored and regained 80% of park space for member use in 2020 and 100% in 2021. Park is looking good.   Rock picking will continue. PLEASE pick up rocks for 20 mins and put on the rock piles you see.  Eventually we will have the remainder of the campground back for use.  Next round of stream work is being reviewed, devised and hopefully implemented in the spring of 2021. Members wishing to help with the Stream conservation committee should email , all are welcome.

2019:  We had Stream work completed to repair stream and ground from flood of 2018, more work to do, little by little.

2018: Was a spectacular year until the flood of 2018 where 3 dams upstream broke sending water through the park areas. We lost a blue cabin and are looking for “tiny house” options to replace it. It must be on wheels and not be a project that requires lots of refurbishing to work. If you have options please contact us.


Enjoy your time at the Westfork. ~ the Volunteer Board!




Camping (first come first serve, no reservations (unless you have 15 or more people, we will then reserve a site for you).

ALL sites are group sites and there are always spots available since you can camp anywhere you like. Do not worry about putting a site number on your tag (registration envelope). 

Dogs are welcome under control.  Dogs are dogs and should be allowed to run. However, if campers are frightened, worried etc. because of a dog,  please ask the owner to put their dog on a leash or to not have the dog around you.  A misbehaving dog is the owners responsibility. Owners, please use leashes when necessary and please be sure to clean up after the dogs.  Dog poo on shoes are no fun for anyone.

Club Work & Donations

Since 1966 the WFSC has been a conservation club. Activities we participate in:

  • Helping feed, and release 2200 brook trout in the Westfork of the Kickapoo Watershed each April. Working with Living Waters Bible Camp and Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Education to youth groups
  • Scholarship to a local high school graduate entering Natural Resource Management.
  • Offering space to groups to gather
  • Initiate or support Stream restoration projects
  • Host At-Risk youth with Natural Resource partners for one week each spring
  • Complete supplemental support for stream projects (build fish cribs, access stiles).
  • Participate in local environmental planning and protections.

Please consider donating time to the grounds, or conservation efforts or donating financially to our mission work stated above. Donations are tax deductible up to $13000.00 to our 501c3. Donations can be delivered in multiple formats:

  • Add extra funds to your camping payment envelopes
  • Paypal funds to ($33.00)
  • Mail in to WFSC P.O. Box 52, Viroqua WI 54665
  • Work place charitable matches (EIN 39.1624390)
  • Financial benefits from your savings plan. Example Thrivent Financial clients all get $500 EACH year to donate to a 501c3 organization – Contact Jeff Worrell for guidance
  • Identify the WFSC as a benefactor in your will.
    • ~100% of donations go directly to run the club and keep it a viable and sustainable option for the future & members! ~thank you for your consideration and donations. 

Membership Privileges

Memberships are required and cost only $30 per year.    Each adult should have a membership.  A family should have one  membership. When children are OF AGE they should buy their own membership. All other adults are expected to be members.  We encourage all adults to purchase memberships.  Membership allows you to camp, use the WiFi, remove your garbage, have wood delivered to be purchased on site, day use anytime, swim, bring your families, rent the clubhouse for events, have picnics and participate in our educational and scientific endeavors. The minor amount of membership helps us pay for the infrastructure you enjoy during your stay; septic, water, electricity, grounds, etc. 

Affordable Camping

Cost Comparison:  Memberships cost $30 per person, camping costs $15 per night per tent and $25 per night for electric (tent or camper) A Weekend of camping at the Westfork for 2 night with a membership currently costs $60 for a tent  or $80 for electric. Less than a hotel room for ONE night!   Every visit after only costs camping fees. $30 for 2 nights in a tent or $50 for 2 nights using electric. 

  • TENTS, Each tent is $15 per night.. How many people are in the tent does not matter, however all adults should be members. Tents should not camp in the electrical sites. If they do the cost is $25 per night per tent.
  • TRAVEL TRAILERS, each electric site has 2 electric plugs in the box and can be shared by more than one trailer. Each Trailer is $25 per night for electrical.
  • Cabin reservations are done only online.
  • COMING SOON – Native Structures , 2 will be available. One with electricity nearer clubhouse and one primitive.

West Fork Sportsmans Club

West Fork Sportsman's Club
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