Frequently Asked Questions:  Camping and Cabins


West Fork Sports Club, Avalanche, Wisconsin

Located on the banks of the West Fork of the Kickapoo River, the West Fork Sports Club has been in operation since 1966. “The Park” as many refer to it has two cabins, a clubhouse, and a large day shelter for rent and numerous campsites for you and/or your group.

The tiny town of Avalanche is known by trout anglers far and wide. We have hosted anglers from across the World. And if you or some of your party are not anglers, the area offers a host of other things to do.

About the Grounds

We have 19 acres that include nine (9) electrical sites, two small shelters, a reservable day shelter, and public restrooms with showers. There are a number of reservable sites but most camp sites are open to everyone. Most campers just find a spot and set up camp.

Why is membership required?

Because we are a private club and not a for profit campground, memberships are required by state law.

Who can become a member?

Anyone can become a member – membership is open to everyone. Those under 18 do not need to be members.

Where can I camp?

While there are camp site numbers and designated camping spots, you are free to camp anywhere on our 19 acre grounds. Campsites are $20 a night, with electricity $30. 

small driftless stream

How Do I Pay For Camping and Firewood?

You can pay with cash at the “iron ranger” located at the southeast end of the clubhouse. At that location, there are also directions and options to pay through PayPal. We are working to diversity the payment options.

What do I do if I have questions?

There is typically a camp host – something new for the West Fork. They are in a marked campsite in the middle of campground and should be your first option for questions. There are many West Fork “regulars” that can also help answer your questions.

If you rented a cabin or the clubhouse, you will have received an email with door codes. If you can not find it, contact the camp host or send us a message.

What is the Season at the WFSC?

It depends upon the year but we try to open around the first of April and will be open until weather forces us to close in the fall. After the closing of the trout season – October 15th – there may be limited access to water other than at the clubhouse. See our Facebook page for details and any updates.

Do I need to reserve a site?

No, the campground is mostly first come, first served but we do have a reservation system for a limited number of sites. These sites must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance so others can plan their trips around the reserved sites. Cabins must be reserved.

What to Do in Bad Weather?

Driftless streams are prone to flooding so if there are storms in the area, keep an eye on the stream. The county sheriff will also patrol the grounds during storms.

Electric Sites

There are 9 electric sites – 5 on the north side of the clubhouse and 4 on the south side. While you can reserve these – at least 2 weeks ahead of time – not all of them can be reserved to allow first come, first served camping.

Is There WiFi?

Yes there is. Feel free to use it – or if you come to get away from it all – feel free to ignore it is there. There is no password – we suggest using your device’s VPN to ensure your privacy. Post-COVID, a number of people have worked from the campground. 

On occasion, WiFi stops working and the router needs to be reset – ask the camp host or a board member for assistance.

Can I Have My Dog at the Campground?

Absolutely! Many members bring their dogs. Just be courteous of other campers – some of whom may be “cat people” – so please keep your dog supervised and pick up after them.

I Forgot Something...

We have a limited number of provisions at the clubhouse – ice, charcoal, bottled water, soda, and a few other things. Otherwise Viroqua is the nearest city and you will find what you need there. We also have a charcoal grill that you can use – it is usually near the day shelter.


Many Trout Unlimited and other fishing groups host their events at the West Fork. We have plenty of room for groups. There are two small shelters that can be reserved for large groups. 

What Do I Do with My Garbage and Recycling?

There is a dumpster that we pay for on the grounds near the clubhouse. The service is no longer providing recycling but you can use the county recycling facilities – you saw the signs on Highway Y if you came in from Viroqua.

Otherwise we appreciate those that can take their recycling home with them.

Clubhouse at the club grounds

Quiet Hours?

Quiet hours start at 11 PM but in any case, please be considerate of the other guests. We understand you come to hang out with friends around the campfire, we just ask that you respect others need for sleep.

Campfires and Firewood

Due to Emerald Ash Borer, Spongy Moths,  and Oak Wilt, it is state law that non-certified firewood not be brought from outside of 10 miles from the campground. We are following the guidance of DATCP and the Wisconsin DNR.


Firewood is available for purchase at the shed. It is currently $20 for a full wheelbarrow load, which is less expensive than the same amount of wood would cost at Kwik Trip or other places it is available locally.


Fires should be built only in fire pits – of which there are MANY on the grounds. Campfires are a great way to hang out with friends and family as well as to meet new friends. Just be courteous of other campers.

What Can't I Do at the Park?

I am sure the list is MUCH longer than this but for insurance, safety, and courtesy reaons; fireworks, firearms, hunting, and other similar activities are prohibited on the grounds.

Camping at the West Fork

I Got Stuck!

First, don’t do that! There are parts of the campground – typically along the driveways due to how they drain – where the ground can be soft after heavy rains. Walk your site to look for soft ground and fire rings – which we mark but sometimes those markers get lost.

Talk to the camp host. There is information at the clubhouse about how to get unstuck – it will cost you so see above…

How Can I Help?

We would love your help – the WFSC is almost totally dependent upon volunteer labor. And anything you can do to help means we have fewer expenses which means we have more money for our other activities – stream restoration, scholarships, improvements to the grounds, etc.

We have work days – one early in the camping season to get the grounds ready for visitors and an end of the trout season work day, typically the Saturday closest to October 15th. Or if you have other skills – a trade, website building, a willingness to mow lawn, or whatever you have to offer, we will find a way to put you to use. Use the form below to contact us. 


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Do I Need To Pay To Access the Park?

No – if you are not camping, there are no fees to access the grounds and you do not need to be a member. So fish, swim, watch birds, have a picnic, etc. on the grounds. We do ask that you support the club if you are going to use our facilities.

Have Other Questions?

Contact us through the website, by e-mail (, or contact the camp host or a board member. We are happy to help and only know of issues if you tell us about them.

Native Brook Trout

I Just Came Here to Fish...

Great – that is why most people visit the WFSC. If you want more information and links about trout fishing in the area,  visit our page about fishing.